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10/28/17-10/29/17 Pine Grove Furnace State Park, Michaux State Forest, PA

This is about 20 miles north of Gettysburg. Picked this because everything was booked for the weekend in Gettysburg due to the big holiday - Halloween. Glad we did. This is what i think of when I think of camping. Heavily wooded, can see your neighbors, but really nicely spaced. Bathrooms new, clean and warm! (I think I left out that last few nights were in the high thirties).

Because of the distance to get there, we had no choice but to take interstate most of the way. I-81 to Rt 209, I-476, I-78 and I-81. By one o’clock I really had to stop and eat. Saw a Flying J truck stop that I see mentioned in all the travel apps, so pulled in. It was really cool. Huge place and we got to park side by side with all the tractor trailers. The store inside had a couple places to eat, showers, and clean bathrooms with what looked like cherry doors!

Also, lesson learned - bring halloween candy if camping near the holiday. Kids at the park were dressed up and walking site to site. We had to apologize.

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