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11/4/17 Saturday, Luray Caverns and the Speakeasy

Saturday was going to be rainy and Sunday nice, so we selected Saturday to visit Luray Caverns. So didn’t everyone else in the Valley. Stood in line under a canopy in heavy rain for close to an hour as we shuffled in wondering what in the world we were doing this for. The one-hour tour was OK, but the scenery was outstanding. Really was not expecting to be so amazed. One of the highlights was a pool of water that perfectly reflected the stalactites above to the point where we couldn’t tell if there was water there or not. The floor was indistinguishable from the ceiling in clarity.

This first two photos are examples. The bottoms of the photos are reflections.

I promised Sandy a trip to a winery if we went to the Caverns, so we went to one suggested by the camp hostess. Took a couple wrong turns and resorted to the GPS to get us past the many farms to this particular farm. Again, what a beautiful setting. The winery was down a three turn farm road surrounded by beautiful horses. Four horses came running in tandem following us and reached a fence before us. We slowed down so that Sandy could snap a photo of them, at which point they got skittish and split up. It was if they recognized the truck and when they looked in the window realized we weren’t who they expected.

Turns out the winery was closed as the daughter of the farmer was getting married in the barn. OK. Let’s eat instead.

Went through the town twice looking for a place to eat. One diner type restaurant, a nice looking brew pub (closed for the season), a Taco Bell-looking Mexican, and a pizza house restaurant. None looked good or even mediocre and Yelp reviews had us worried. Settled on the only high end hotel pub in the area - the Speakeasy. Wedding going on upstairs and we weren’t about to go the fancy dining room anyway. The pub was nearly empty, great service, and very good food.

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