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11/5/17. Sunday, Shenandoah State Park

As we did the northern half on Thursday, we entered from Luray and drove the southern 29 miles Sunday.

We went to several of the visitors centers. Hiked the Stony Man Trail from the parking lot at Skyland visitors center. 1.6 mile loop with a few hundred feet elevation gain. The views were as good as any I’ve seen in the White Mountains of NH and definitely the best bang for your buck hike ever. The trail rises to 4,005’ (Sandy did a 4,000 footer!) and descends to a couple rocky outcrops with views to the Valley and the mountains of the George Washington National Forest to the west. We watched waves of clouds/fog creep like spooky fingers over the low points between mountains at Shenandoah from the east. They would dissipates the went down the slope, fall back and creep back in. Wonderful sight.

Skyland is a really nice visitors center with a dining room (with views), gift shop etc.

We watched the sun set as we traveled south on Skyline drive and turned off at every overlook. We also stopped twice to look at deer. One was the largest buck I think I’ve seen.

[Photos to be added later when I get done sorting my photos]

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