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11/10/17 – 11/12/17 Parker's Creek Campground at Jordan Lake State Rec. Area, Apex NC.

Site 1, Loop 1; Electric only; Campground chosen for proximity to visiting friends. Rustic campground on large reservoir that has large boating and fishing appeal.

11/10/17 Sandy:

Stayed at the closest cheap campground to plug our RV into an electrical service while we visited our friends, Jim and Michelle Ingram in Fuquay Varina, a suburb of Raleigh. What a time getting there! Our 1 ½ hour trip turned into 3 hours and actually did a U-turn with the trailer in a fire station parking lot. Using Google map navigation on our i-phones and it kept changing the route without us noticing until we had gone miles in the wrong direction. This happened three times!

Our 1 ½ hour trip turned into 3 hours When we finally got to the site (expecting to be there at 2PM, but was just after 5 PM), we hooked up the electric to run the fridge and the heater and headed right back out. Got to Jim and Michelle's just as it was getting dark. She had a wonderful dinner waiting for us. They are terrific hosts and showed us their beautiful house and introduced us to Stanley their cute little new dog. Stanley was cautious at first, but was sitting in our laps uninvited by the next day. Not shy after all.

11/11/17 Sandy:

Slept in real beds last night and took real showers this morning. Jim and Michelle took us for a tour of the town. The odd town name comes from the merger of two towns, one called Fuquay (after the founder) and the other Varina. Each of the original towns still have their own small centers. Went to a beer store and stocked up on a few specialty singles for both Jim and I. Just a few blocks away was a park around a mineral spring that was an area attraction back when people flocked to such springs for the medicinal and health benefits. Had lunch at a local barbecue place and returned home so that Bill and Jim could watch Alabama football and Sandy and Michelle could go shopping. Enjoyed a night of football, pizza, talking and adult beverages.

11/12/17 Sandy:

After another great breakfast from Michelle, we packed up and went back to the campground at Parker's Creek. Jim and Michelle followed us in their truck to see our trailer. We had lunch at the trailer and said our farewells.

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