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11/8/17 - 11/10/17 Occoneechee State Park, Clarksville, VA.

Site 32 Section C; W/E hookups

We selected this campground as an interim stop half-way between destinations - Charlottesville, VA and Parkers Creek in N Carolina. The campground is on a huge reservoir that borders Virginia and North Carolina. The area is chock full of recreation areas and boating and fishing must be very big here.

11/8/17 Sandy:

Another beautiful ride down route 20 to rt 15 to Clarksville, VA. Stopped at a Lowe's to stretch and had PB&J sandwiches. At the park, one of the two sections (C) was open to camping. Interesting sites. They gave us the option of about 5 sites, where the first three were up against the water's edge. Those were very narrow and one slip could put you in the reservoir. We picked a site a little bit away from the water. Bill managed to back the trailer in on one try. It was pouring out and cold. It is a beautiful park. We have great views of the water and the woods. We even have cell service. It is the first time we've had cell service since leaving the Poconos. We stayed in. I cooked up chicken, risotto and veggies. We played cribbage and rummy [Sandy beat me soundly in both – Bill].

This is site 29;

This is site 29. Sandy didn't trust me backing up the trailer on this or sites 30-32!

11/9/17 Sandy:

Took a ride into Clarksville. Old, small town that has seen better days. [I'm sure most businesses are dependent on the recreational season on the reservoir - Bill]. Went to the “mall”, which was a two story wood building with 40 vendors similar to a flea market. Each “store” was a few shelves of clothes, collectables, or specialty items – like a consignment shop.

Found a Mexican restaurant that Bill read about. Very authentic and very good food. Two dinners and 4 margaritas for $43. [They served warm chips with two sauces. A traditional picante type and a ranch dressing. The two went exceptional together!; Also the chile relenos were very spicy and good. We complimented our very rural waitress and she said that everything is made fresh daily. She also told me if I wanted, I could order a single taco from the “alla cartay” menu. - Bill]

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