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4/6/18 – 4/8/18 Little Cedar Creek RV, Ridgeway, SC

Site #6; W/E/S; no wifi; great Verizon coverage


On the side of a steep hill, with concrete speed bumps sticking fully out of the gravel roads made travel in the camp slower than slow. The sites were not quite level, requiring some blocks to level side to side. Camp hosts were exceedingly cheerful and welcoming offering any help – just ask. They lived in a fifth wheel across from the office. Next to the office was the only bathhouse. It was very neat and clean but only had one shower, one bathroom, and clothes washing machines.

There was a small man-made pond at the bottom of the campground that had thousands of pollywogs swimming about. There also was a basketball hoop and horseshoes. I tossed in one shot on both. That's about it.

A sensible pose by the pond at the campground.

Always trying to be funny - risking humiliation.

The entire shore of the pond was full of pollywogs like this.


The town of Ridgeway seemed plenty big enough with houses, but the downtown was dead or dying. There was a very good restaurant, Olde Town Hall, amidst it all that was recommended by our camp hosts. It had a small but terrific beer list.

Across the street from the restaurant.

The Ridgeway Police Station.

Had to look this up on the Internet - Pig on the Ridge is the state Barbecue festival held in Ridgeway every year.

On to Roaring Gap NC....

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