4/20/18 Don Laine Family Campground, Palmerton, PA

Site ? W/E/S $39/night.

One night stop. We didn't unhook. Picked for the midpoint location between destinations and good reviews. There is a large seasonal area in the woods. Our site was in an open field looking at a much larger open field. The campground was a working horse farm. Calling the owner ahead of time, she told me that the campground wasn't “officially” open, but that we could drive in and select a site and she would see me the next day for payment. There were half a dozen campers in one area and we pulled in next to them. Turns out they were all friends and meet there every year for wine tasting s in the area.

I walked up the hill in the grass field and took in the views. After having a nice pasture view at Country Acres in PA, this site was even nicer. It is a bit away from things, but that kind of adds to its appeal. With great owners, great views, and reasonable rates, I would definitely recommend this place with one reservation. The sewer hookup did not have a threaded connection. I had never seen this before and I could not find a way to secure the hose to the connection, making the process very nerve wracking – and slightly messy. There were none of the rocks or bricks that I see almost everywhere and don't need. Here I needed one to weigh down the hose connector and none were available.

That's all !

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