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8/9/2018 On the road again - WESTWARD HO!

We started out 8/9/18 from Auburn Massachusetts with the goal of visiting family in Colorado, seeing as much of the national parks in Utah as possible, spending the winter in southern California and seeing as much of the west coast as we can with a destination of Seattle for July of 2019. In between we expect to see Santa Fe, Mesa Verde, the Grand Canyon, Tucson, and fly back home at times to see the family. Long range plans not set in stone will be to see Yosemite, Napa and Sonoma Valleys, Crater Lake, the Redwood forests etc..

We are currently in Colorado Springs and made ten 200 mile stops to get here. On the way we had little time to post on our blog and have had extremely limited wi-fi and cell service. Even so, we have been taking notes and some photos (mostly from our phones). The exception was a nice stop in Springfield Ohio and Springfield Illinois where we saw a couple Frank Lloyd Wright designed homes and the Lincoln museum and home.

There were some really nice parks along the way that I will share with our camping friends who read this blog. It just will take me a while to catch up. We have been posting some information as we go on our Facebook page.

So for now this is it.

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