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5/28/19 to 6/5/19 Oceanside RV Resort, Coos Bay OR (Part 3, Bandon)

Highlights: Bandon OR (Shops/Restaurants, Scenic Loop, Seals, Face Rock, Sea Caves);

This is the final post from Coos Bay.

Bandon is a cute little harbor town with a half a days worth of shops and restaurants to explore. It is a good base for exploring a scenic loop that starts here. We liked the beach on the loop so much we came back a second day to get more photos of the seals and walk the shore. That gave us a chance to try a second lunch spot.

At the end of the town there is a beach access with views of the Coquille River Lighthouse.

Kronenburg County Park sits atop the headland of Coquille Point.

A set of stairs leads down to Bandon Beach where we had a great view of seals on the rocks beneath a couple large sea stacks. The sea stacks were covered with Seagulls and cormorants. Puffins may be seen here, but neither us or others we met had seen any here or anywhere else on the coast.

On the beach below Coquille Point. Seals can be seen just about everywhere in the background.

A walk south on the beach brings us to some great sea caves that can be accessed at low tide. On our first trip we got to walk inside and through some of the caves. I really enjoyed that.

Formations along the beach

The viewpoint for Face Rock can be seen above.

Sea Anenomes

Back to our car we drove to the Face Rock Scenic Viewpoint, which is above the rock caves we visited. It took a second to pick out Face Rock, but once you notice her face looking up to the sky to the right, it becomes obvious.

Face Rock

View south from Face Rock viewpoint

View north to Coquille Point

Seven Devils State Beach. On the way to Bandon from Charleston we stopped to check out this nice beach.

Further down the road is Bandon Beach State Park an easy beach access.

Bandon Beach State Park

Also of note is the Bandon Dunes Golf Resort one of the highest rated golf courses in the country. I looked at the layouts for the four 18 hole courses there and decided it was out of my league.

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